Why do you need all these cleaning cloths?

So, you decided to make the switch to microfiber cleaning cloths, but you may find yourself wondering why you need all these different kinds. If you have ever used a microfiber, you may have noticed the different textures; that is because most microfiber cloth manufacturers will carry at least 3 different types of microfiber cloths. In fact, XTek Clean carries these different types of microfiber cloths in 3 different categories: household, skincare, and automotive.

But how do you know which cloth to choose? Two things will help you determine which type of microfiber cloth to use:

  1. The type of surface you will be cleaning
    You need to determine what room you will be cleaning and the surface you plan on using the microfiber on. For example, you would clean a mirror with a different type of microfiber cloth than you would clean a sink.
  2. The type of soil you will be cleaning
    The level of dirt and grime will also determine the type of microfiber you need. Heavy-duty soil requires heavy-duty microfiber cloths.

As stated above, most microfiber cloth manufacturers carry at least 3 different types. The industry standard microfiber cleaning cloths are:

  1. Heavy-duty microfiber cloths
    Heavy-duty microfiber cloths are used for heavy-duty cleaning to remove deep soils and oils. These cloths are great for construction cleaning and automotive shops.
  2. Medium-grade microfiber cloths
    Medium-grade microfiber cloths are used for dusting and medium-duty tasks like wiping countertops and sinks.
  3. Light-grade microfiber cloths
    Microfiber cloths that have a suede-like texture are used for glass, mirrors, and the body/skin. These cloths are usually much thinner than the heavy-duty or medium-grade cloths but are more tightly woven.

XTek Clean meticulously researched our complete line of microfiber cloths based on weave, size, and grams per square inch. All of these factors dictate the weight of the fabric to accomplish the cleaning task at hand, or how thick and absorbent to make the weave to make cleaning easy and efficient. In addition, the optimal size of our cleaning cloths was considered for easy use and to help get the job done quickly and effectively.

When choosing your microfiber, you will notice that XTek Clean has the same grade of microfiber cloth but in different colors. This is to help prevent cross contamination. Cross contamination happens when germs and bacteria are unintentionally transferred from one surface or object to another. Here are just a few ways you can use our microfiber to avoid cross contamination.

  1. Use color-coded microfiber
    XTek Clean uses a two-color coding system for our microfiber. The two-color system helps keep cloths used in heavily soiled areas separate from light cleaning tasks. For instance, you do not want to use microfiber cloths from the bathroom to clean your kitchen countertops. You should launder your color-coded cloths separately as well.
  2. Fold your cloths into fourths to reduce cross-contamination
    Fold your microfiber cloth into fourths to make eight cleaning surfaces per cloth. This ensures that you always have a fresh cleaning side, limiting the spread of bacteria.
  3. Switch out cloths
    Use a new cloth after cleaning high-risk sources of possible cross contamination. This includes sinks, toilets, or heavily soiled areas.
  4. Don’t saturate cloths
    Use the right amount of dampness on the cloth. Wet or drenched cloths impair the microfiber’s ability to latch onto germs, so be sure to change cloths frequently.

When deciding to make the switch to microfiber cleaning cloths, remember to determine the type of surface and soil you need to clean. Then use color coding to deter cross contamination. Nobody wants to clean their kitchen counters with the same cloth they used in to clean their bathroom. This will help you find the correct cloth with the right type of textures.

XTek Clean specializes in multiple types of microfiber cloths of different weaves and fiber combinations to clean and polish most hard surfaces with only water instead of harsh and unhealthy chemical cleaners. We are constantly searching for the latest materials and technologies to provide our customers the most advanced, efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly products available on the market. Of course, if you have any questions or would like further details about our full line of XTek Clean luxury microfiber cloths, contact us!