Maintain Your Microfiber for Maximum Performance

Microfiber is the most effective way to clean without using chemicals. In fact, microfiber is so effective it can clean with only water on a variety of surfaces. XTek Clean’s microfiber cloths are undoubtably the very best cleaning tools you’ll ever come across, and if they are cared for properly, they can last for hundreds of machine washes. When cared for correctly, they can easily outlast and outperform sponges and cotton towels. Again, microfiber can maintain its benefits and strength through hundreds of washes with the proper maintenance! We have put together this guide as a reference for anyone who has questions on how to care for their XTek Clean microfiber cloths and bamboo cloths.

Avoid the No’s

There are three actions you should avoid with your XTek Clean microfiber cloths and bamboo cloths. Maintenance is easy if you know the rules. XTek Clean’s household, automotive, and skin line are made of microfiber that can last hundreds of washings if you stay away from the 3 big taboos for microfiber:

  • No heat in the dryer (heat can melt microfiber cloths)
  • No fabric softeners (fabric softener can hinder the absorbent power of microfiber)
  • No bleach (bleach deteriorates microfiber at a faster rate)

Care Instructions

For best results and to prolong the life of your microfiber cloths, follow these care instructions.

  1. Rinse Thoroughly

Microfiber has many advantages, including the “static” it has and the number of fibers per square inch. This advantage is what makes them amazing at grabbing onto dirt, debris, and dust. Make sure your rinse out everything your microfiber has grabbed to get rid of any heavy debris, grease, or leftover cleaning product.

  1. Keep Them Separated

Keep your microfiber and bamboo cloths separate from other laundry items. As we stated earlier, microfiber cloths are designed to pick up absolutely everything! Well, this includes lint and debris that will inevitably come off your other garments and towels. For instance, cotton towels can only be washed 20-30 times before they lose efficacy. So, if you wash these cloths with cotton or other fabrics, they are likely to grab onto the shedded fibers, causing little pieces of lint to be stuck to them. Even if you only have a few microfiber cloths, keep them separate or place them in a delicates bag to lessen the exposure to potentially clingy lint during the wash process. Like anything you wash, be sure to separate your white or light-colored microfiber from your dark colored microfiber.

  1. Detergent

When machine washing, we recommend using a mild detergent with little to no additives.  Some good options are scent free and dye free detergent. Keep it gentle with no additives or anything else in it—the purer, the better. For commercial use, use a high solvent detergent for heavy soil with no alkaline. Determine the dose by product specification for poundage.

  1. Bleach and Fabric Softener

Did you forget the three taboos? Don’t use bleach or fabric softener with your microfiber! Fabric softeners can clog the open spaces in your microfiber or bamboo cloths, making the fabric useless. To care for your XTek Clean microfiber and bamboo cloths, stick with just plain old detergent and water, nothing fancy. Avoid bleach; it is too harsh and will ruin the cloths. On occasion, consider adding some vinegar to the fabric softener compartment, but that’s it.

  1. Temperature

We recommend laundering exclusively with cold water. If you are concerned about a stain, you can use warm, but not hot, water. Hot water doesn’t necessarily ruin the cloths, but heat is a concern. XTek Clean recommends not exceeding 60°F. Microfiber is a blend of polyester and polyamide, making it great for cleaning and super absorbent. XTek Clean has repurposed millions of plastic bottles to make our cloths. Our household microfiber products are made from recycled microfiber yarn. Too much heat can harm the “static” and the number of fibers per square inch.

  1. Dryer Use

XTek Clean recommends tumble drying with no heat. Air drying is even recommended. Do you remember the big taboo? No fabric softener, which means no dryer sheet is necessary. Do not use anything that essentially reduces static-cling. You want the static-cling! It’s one of the key benefits of microfiber, so you want to generate and store as much of it as you can during the drying process. To increase softness, you can use plastic dryer balls when drying. Now, a note on too much heat; because of the nature of the material, microfiber can burn or melt when exposed to high levels of heat. XTek Clean recommends not exceeding 60°F. Standard dryers can easily exceed this heat level which is why we recommend no heat while drying. However, you can tumble dry on low heat if you for sure know your dryer won’t exceed this heat limit, but we recommend proceeding with caution.

XTek Clean’s microfiber cloths are undoubtably the very best line of cloths you’ll ever come across. If they are cared for properly, then they can last for hundreds of machine washes. We invite you to check out our selection of the best microfiber cloths on the market today.