Do Microfiber Cloths Remove Bacteria & Viruses?

Believe it or not, but cleaning with microfiber is more hygienic than traditional cleaning methods (chemical cleaners). With microfiber, you can clean with just water. In fact, water is one of the best cleaning methods because water molecules act as tiny magnets that pull and break apart other molecules like dirt and grime. While it may seem that water is not enough, in combination with microfiber, it’s the best cleaning tool we have. Water doesn’t cause allergic or respiratory reactions like harsh chemical cleaners do, and microfiber helps to remove bacteria and viruses from surface with just water. “How?” you may ask. Read below to learn about the magical power of cleaning with microfiber and water.

Removing Bacteria and Viruses

While microfiber is considered antimicrobial, it is not able to destroy bacteria and viruses. It does one better; it actually helps to remove the bacteria and virus cells from surfaces being cleaned. Why is this better? There are several benefits to avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and using microfiber and water to clean your surfaces of bacteria and viruses. One, harsh chemicals may destroy most bacteria and viruses, but they do not remove the cells from surfaces (even if you are using a towel). Two, harsh chemicals are always harsh, especially when they are washed down the storm drain and into waterways. This causes water pollution, and while many places have effective cleaning systems for water, we should all remain mindful of the pollution we cause. Plus, breathing in the toxic chemicals from these cleaners is unhealthy for any human or animal.

Now, you may be wondering how microfiber removes bacteria and viruses from a surface without using a harsh cleaner. It is possible because of how small microfiber fibers are. Due to their tiny fibers, they are able to attach themselves and pick up even the smallest, most microscopic particles imaginable. Other cloths and towels have either too big of fiber or no fiber (like paper towel) so they must rely on harsh chemicals to assist; microfiber just needs water to pick up particles. What’s even better is that the dirt, bacteria, viruses, and any other particles that get picked up are lodged within the microfiber until it is washed out with water (not to exceed 105°F). The water rinses these particles away by loosening the curl of the microfiber and allowing the particles to escape. This is far better for our waterways as you avoid the use of harsh chemicals and wash organic particles down the drain.

How to Properly Use and Care for Microfiber

If you would like to read our full blog on how to maintain your microfiber for maximum performance, click the link! Below are our top tips for caring for your microfiber:

  • Avoid putting your microfiber cloths in the dryer, they are delicate and can be melted
  • Do not use fabric softener on microfiber, it can make the microfiber threads larger and unable to pick up microscopic particles like bacteria and viruses
  • Do not use bleach, it will make the microfiber deteriorate faster
  • Always rinse your microfiber thoroughly after use to rinse away all the particles it picked up
  • Either hand wash your microfiber or separate them from the rest of your laundry

Where to Use Microfiber

You can use microfiber to help you clean any surface in your home or office, but did you know that XTek Clean also carries microfiber cloths for your skin and vehicles? In the home or office, we have a variety of microfibers with varying thicknesses to clean any surface imaginable, including your mirrors, counters, stove, bathtub, and more. If you’re looking to try a little bit of everything, check out our Ultimate Home Collection. After you realize the beauty of microfiber cloths, bring that beauty to your skin and body. The power of bamboo blended with antimicrobial microfiber can be used to gently clean your face with only water. You can even dry off in soft, plush microfiber with our Bamboo Bath Towel Set; it gives you a washcloth for cleaning your face and a towel for drying off—the perfect treat yourself combination. Finally, check out our automotive supplies! Most car washing supplies have tags or seams that can scratch cars, but microfiber is soft, durable, and will pick up and remove all dirt and contaminants from the inside and outside of your vehicles.

Some may wonder why households continue to use harsh chemicals when microfiber has been around since the early 1990s. The household chemical market is worth tens of billions of dollars, so companies and stores that sell them profit. Therefore, they have no incentive to support a futuristic product that would null their business. While many of us have been convinced that we need chemicals to clean our surfaces, we don’t! You can use the power of microfiber to clean any surface of dirt, grime, and germs with just water. Give it a chance! We know you’ll love it.