Cleaning Tips to Help Fight Allergies

Spring is in the air and so are seasonal allergens. If you are like many of us, spring can be a struggle with allergy symptoms, from nonstop sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, and itchy eyes and throat. Spring often requires us to put some elbow grease into deep cleaning our living spaces. While this can be a welcomed activity for some, but for those who fight allergies, if you are not using the right tools, deep cleaning can be a necessary evil. Cleaning stirs up all kinds of allergens, like dust, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and animal dander, which can worsen allergy symptoms.

If you feel that looming cleaning dread, here are some cleaning tips to help fight allergies:

    1. Microfiber is Your Friend
    Dust is a major irritant for those with allergies. When it’s time to dust, rather than use a rag and a bottle of cleaner, pick up a XTek Clean microfiber cloth. The smaller fibers in microfiber cloths reach into cracks and crevasses that a typical cloth or paper towel cannot. Our household line of microfibers can attach themselves to even the smallest, most microscopic dirt particles, ones that normal cloth fibers crudely leave behind. With microfiber, particles don’t end up back in the air—for allergy sufferers, this can be problematic.

    2. Clean High to Low
    Start cleaning the highest spots and work your way down. Cleaning of any kind stirs up dust and particles into the air. When dusting, clean from top to bottom to avoid spreading dust on areas you just cleaned. Cleaning from high to low will help make sure you catch more of the dust and don’t leave any behind.

    3. Dust Smart
    Dust and mold particles (along with pollen) are common allergy culprits. When dusting, don’t just brush the dust away with a feather duster or cloth. Our microfiber home dusting cloth has a long pile that encapsulates dust on any surface, making for a deep clean every time without chemicals. To remove heavy dust, use damp microfiber cloths that will trap the dust instead of just pushing it around. Make sure you remember to clean ceiling fans, blinds, and curtains.

    4. Don’t Use Scented Cleaners
    The heavy fragrances in some cleaners can trigger allergy or asthma symptoms, irritating your airways. Look for fragrance free cleaners and products. Not only does microfiber trap all the dust and dirt, but it also cleans without using harsh chemicals, which are another source of irritation to those with allergies. Most people who use microfiber cloths prefer to never use cleaning products; they only use water! For the cleaning tasks where you prefer using a cleaning product, like in the bathroom or kitchen, microfiber is so absorbent that you can clean a larger area with a smaller amount of cleaning product.

    5. Keep Floors Clean
    Did you know that floors are a top offender for allergy sufferers? Consider all the dust and dirt that gets track in from shoes and animals. In the height of allergy season, avoid sweeping as it stirs up dust and dirt, irritating allergies even more. Vacuum your floors at least twice a week and use a floor cleaning microfiber cloth to pick up spills and messes.

      Also, consider leaving your shoes at the front door. For those guests who don’t remove their shoes, invest in a walk-off mat outside the front door. This allows guests to take four to seven steps before their feet ever touches the bare floor.

      Now that spring is here, arm yourself with the right tools to combat seasonal allergies! XTek Clean specializes in multiple types of microfiber cloths of different weaves and fiber combinations to capture dust with only water instead of harsh cleaners. Of course, if you have any questions or would like further details about our full line of XTek Clean microfiber cloths, contact us!