6 Ways to Elevate Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air, so now it’s time to get your house out of the winter blues! During winter, it’s a challenge to keep the air in your home healthy due to reduced ventilation, the use of supplemental heating sources, and dry winter air. A good spring clean can freshen your air and uplift your home. It can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Cleaning is quicker and easier when you use the right tools, and the ultimate tools for your cleaning routine are microfiber cloths! Here are six spring cleaning tips to get you started with the power of microfiber!

Clean Room by Room
Approaching your house room by room is the most effective way to deep clean it. This will also help you to determine the surface you plan on using the microfiber on. For example, you would clean a mirror with a different type of microfiber cloth than you would clean a sink. The level of dirt and grime will also determine the type of microfiber you need. Create cleaning checklists for each room to help you get organized and to remind you of the areas that need extra attention. Skip the areas that have been cleaned recently and focus on the parts of your home that were largely neglected over the winter.

  1. Organize and Clear the Clutter
    One of the biggest parts of spring cleaning is often getting rid of clutter. Between the kids, adults, and pets in your house, it may seem like every room needs a complete makeover. Start by making a list of every room, then tackle one room at a time to take charge of the clutter. When you start in a room, identify problem areas, analyze reasons for the clutter, determine solutions, and implement them. Sorting your belongings into four categories—trash, give away, store, or put away—can also be effective as you go through the spring-cleaning process. Move the clutter out as soon as possible, whether it's bringing a donation box to a charity or planning a yard sale.

  2. Get the Household Involved
    Make spring cleaning a household endeavor. Even young children can be excellent helpers when equipped with the right microfiber! Microfiber cloths are the ultimate tool for everyday dusting or wiping down counters, but they are much more versatile than that! There are a number of ways to utilize microfiber cloths. Assign age-appropriate chores, so everyone feels included. Play some music as you all clean or establish a reward as an incentive to get the work done.

  3. Tackle the Seasonal Chores
    Many chores need to be done seasonally, especially in preparation for warmer weather. Include them into your spring-cleaning routine to get them out of the way early. As soon as the weather warms up, tackle outdoor chores, such as cleaning the grill, patio, outside windows, and don’t forget about your vehicles! Also, store winter clothing, bedding, decor, and other items for next season. It’s time to pull out your spring items to give your home a refreshed look.

  4. Keep Cleaning Products to a Minimum
    If you need to shop for new cleaning products for spring cleaning, keep your items to a minimum. While many of us have been convinced that we need chemicals to clean our surfaces, we don’t! You can use the power of microfiber to clean any surface of dirt, grime, and germs with just water. Cleaning supplies can create unnecessary clutter, and you don't need all of them to keep your home fresh and clean. Choose an all-purpose cleaner and microfiber cloths. Those items will cover most surfaces in your home. Then, purchase other specialty cleaning supplies only as needed.

  5. Establish New Habit
    As you establish your spring-cleaning routine, it is a great opportunity to implement ongoing cleaning habits, making the next spring cleaning even easier. For instance, don't try to tackle all your spring cleaning in one day or even one weekend. Instead, handle items on your spring-cleaning to-do list for just 15 minutes each day. That will help get you in the habit of tidying up for 10 to 15 minutes per day even after you're done with your spring cleaning tasks. Using the right tool will help your daily cleaning tasks go quicker and give you the ability to make the most of each working minute. It means microfiber can make you into a lean, mean, green-cleaning machine!

Many people avoid spring cleaning simply because they don't know where to begin, but now you know that the process of decluttering and cleaning a space is easy with microfiber! Each task is quick, the tough part is getting started. Now that you have established your new microfiber cleaning routine, make some time for yourself! XTek Clean also carries bamboo cloths for your skin. Reward yourself by updating your skincare regimen with a suitable washcloth and pamper yourself with a bamboo washcloth for endless uses of luxury!