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XTek Clean: Next level microfiber towels and cleaning products

XTek Clean specializes in multiple types of Microfiber cloths of different weaves and fiber combinations to clean and polish most hard surfaces with only water instead of harsh and unhealthy chemical cleaners. We are constantly searching for the latest materials and technologies to provide our customer the latest, most advanced, efficient and cost-effective products available in the marketplace.

The xtek clean promise

XTek Clean was created to provide the homeowner or their cleaning staff the optimum microfiber cloth  for every cleaning and polishing task in your home and preventing cross-contaminating dirt, oil, dust and grime from one room to another.

XTek Clean can provide the optimum cleaning and polishing cloth for every specific purpose in the home…..i.e. Counter Tops, Sinks, Cabinets, Glass, Appliances, Floors, etc.

XTek Clean using the latest “Science and Technology” methods discovered the Microfiber Industry with its various weavers, composition and “GSM” has succeeded in creating an Eco-Friendly clean and polishing cloth for home and professional use.